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Vacuum Soldering

The power density of advanced electronic components like e.g. power modules, hybrid and multichip components, etc. is continuously growing. Therefore, the quality of solder connections must fulfill the increasing demands as well. Gas inclusions (= voids) in the solder connections must be avoided.

The best way to remove such from the liquid solder is the systematic use of vacuum during the soldering process.

Pink – Vacuum soldering system VADU 300XL

Automated inline soldering system for series production

The soldering system VADU 300XL is equipped with three separate process chambers with internal substrate handling and inline carrier transfer for highly efficient series production. The system enables void-free solder connections with preforms and /or pastes in a continuous process. The reproducibility of the soldering processes is guaranteed by permanent process control.

The VADU 300XL can also be integrated in customer‘s automation processes. PINK develops solutions according to customer‘s requirements which range from the optimization of the carrier handling through surrounding transfer systems to connection with pick-and-place machines and robot automation.

Void quantity after chip soldering without vacuum process.

Void quantity after chip soldering with vacuum process.

Areas of application:

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Power electronics

  • Automotive industry

  • Optical and electro-optical industry

  • High frequency technology

  • Wafer technology

  • Rail drive technology

  • Solar technology

  • Wind power station technology

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