Material Management

With the advent of the “Smart Factory” concept, the way we think of Material Management has changed drastically. It is now one of the key components of an efficient production process. Danutek offers solutions for the issues that arise with the concept and it’s inplementation. Our machines can be integrated into existing management systems and offer complete traceability without sacrificing maximum efficiency.

MODI – Incoming Goods Scanner and Relabeling Station

  • Two camera system for speed and highest accuracy in reading
  • Cycle time per role: 1-2 secs.
  • Detailled picture of the manufacturer information is saved in a central database in small memory size for traceability reasons
  • Complete traceability with a unique ID: You can generate the unique ID yourself or integrate one from your ERP-System
  • Eliminates all relabeling faults, because data is automaticly recorded by pattern matching
  • Readback function to check if the right label is on the right role
  • A touchscreen and a table that is steplessly variable in height take care of ergonomic operating
  • Robust and high-quality system

Traceability up to component level is a must-have in today’s electronic production. But as there is no uniform labeling standard concerning manufacturer information on component rolls, many companies in the electronic production need a flexible system to relabel barcodes on component rolls, drypacks and cardboard boxes.


The SMD Tower is an automated, highly flexible and expandable buffer storage unit designed for deployment near the production line. In the SMD Tower, the right component is in the right place in a controlled environment – ready for quick and smooth changeovers in your SMT line. The SMD Tower needs barely one square meter of floor space to store up to 980 reels, and it can be integrated into existing material handling systems.

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