Personnel Access Control System

Personnel access control system
with temperature measurement and metal detector

Protect your employees and visitors contactless with infrared camera!

The automatic personnel access control system measures the body temperature of
people passing through the portal without contact using the best infrared technology.
As soon as a body temperature above an adjustable limit value is measured,
an alarm is triggered. Thus, persons can be checked for increased body temperature
fully automatically and additional incoming and outgoing persons can be counted.

• High-precision and fast body temperature measurement in less than 0.5 seconds
• Precise measuring accuracy of ±0.3°C
• Audible and visual alarm
• Adjustable body temperature limit
• Pass through counter for incoming and outgoing persons
• Plug and play solution through modular design: easy to install and operate
• International A-Level measurement capability
• Extensions to the equipment: Metal detector, turnstile barrier, fingerprint sensor; camera surveillance, card reader
• Comprehensive network for multiple systems with real-time data analysis
• Automatic calibration and limit value determination possible
• User-friendly system

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Access control system



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